2024-25 California State Budget Analysis May Revise

By Michaé De La Cuadra

Budget 2 Save Lives (B2SL) is a multi-year vision to move California toward a “Care First” future by investing
in healing and rehabilitation, divesting from incarceration and policing, and ending the economic austerity
that endangers the lives of countless human beings.
California is in a budget deficit estimated at $44.9 billion over the next two fiscal years. This
budget shortfall has California struggling to find ‘solutions’ and poses an ongoing challenge for
all advocates fighting for a Care First future. Essential services and key state priorities are
facing severe budget cuts or delays, and it’s evident that Newsom’s priorities are misguided.
This is most apparent in the disproportionate expenditure on Corrections ($19 billion), which
has not been subject to significant budget cuts thus far. Instead, the Corrections budget has
continued to increase as cuts have been made to crucial funding streams in areas of climate,
healthcare, housing, and other social services. Budget 2 Save Lives, as are many advocates
across the state, is appalled with Governor Newsom’s May revision. Time and time again,
California has had an opportunity to invest in critical services that the community needs, but
continues to prioritize carceral systems, the wealthy, and not the needs of real Californians.
Our Goal:
This is a call to action. The B2SL Super Collective is welcoming local and state budget
advocates across California to collaborate, organize and stand with us to move forward our
collective priorities across intersecting movements for community equity and justice. A culture
of fiscal austerity and abandonment is unacceptable in a state as prosperous as California. We
are looking to connect with partners who seek to identify and address the gaps in much
needed services and programs across the state, utilizing budget advocacy as an organizing
tool to achieve our goals. Our analysis includes examples of state priorities where spending and
spending cuts must be reevaluated. It’s time to connect the dots between our shared,
non-carceral budget advocacy goals…