Clinician of the Future 2023 Education Edition

October 2023
Empowering the next generation of clinicians
Healthcare professionals worldwide are experiencing increasing pressure in their daily work — a challenge that extends to the emerging generation of clinicians. Our report highlights the sentiments of students regarding advanced technology and AI in their education, shedding light on the associated challenges and opportunities. Key needs include supporting students to foster confidence and readiness for the healthcare workforce, encouraging their commitment to studies and patient care careers, and gaining insights from students about the potential of AI.
Discover more about how students view these challenges — and how all stakeholders in healthcare can respond — in our Clinician of the Future 2023: Education Edition report. Read the or the executive brief now.
Key findings
Innovation in Medical Education

The Clinician of the Future 2023 Education Edition provides thought-provoking insights on how students perceive a future working in healthcare and how they view the increased use of AI in education and clinical practice.
The report highlights digital technology’s role in supporting both educators and health students, as they keep pace with evolving curriculums.
Elsevier Health executives share their perspectives on the transformative role of technology, in shaping the future of medical education.
Supporting the clinicians of tomorrow
The pressure facing today’s clinicians is also impacting today’s students. How best can we support students to ensure they complete their studies and transition successfully into clinical practice?
● 60% of students who participated in our survey worried about their mental health.
● 21% of nursing students and 12% of medical students are thinking about quitting their studies.
Embracing technology in learning
There is an appetite for utilizing new technology such as AI, but students raised the need for sufficient guidelines and safeguards.
● 62% of students in our survey said they felt excited about the use of AI in their education.
● They also expressed caution: 51% said they have some worries about the impact of AI on education, and 56% said they had fears about how Generative AI could impact the healthcare community.