HCALA – Covid memorial Pasadena Parade

The purpose of this vigil is to honor those who have passed away from COVID-19 and demand that Governor Newsom have CA lead the Nation with Single Payer Health Care now. HCA-LA will be collaborating with the People’s Rose Parade in a media press conference at the Rose Bowl Parade HQ in Pasadena followed by a funeral procession the length of the Parade route. Speakers: Carlos Marroquin Erika Feresten Akili Dr. Paul Song David Monkowa Michelle Manos Betty Doumas Toto.



HC4US advocates for comprehensive, high-quality universal health care through single-payer public financing. Our goal is to guarantee health care as a human right for ALL California residents, advancing the larger fight for health care justice and energizing the implementation of national Single Payer/Medicare for All.



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