Yes on CalCare Means
NO on SB 770!

Urgent Action Item - No On SB770

IMMEDIATE action is needed to stop SB 770

This “Unified Financing” bill has passed the Senate and Assembly.  Our last chance to stop this CalCare delay bill is to mount  pressure on Governor  Newsom to veto SB 770


Call your CA Governor Gavin Newsom now:

(916) 999-7220

When you reach this number, you will be prompted to enter your zip code

and will then be directed to the office of your Assemblymember.

Phone Script:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I live in [CITY]. I’m calling to urge Governor Newsom to veto SB 770.

SB 770 includes nothing to address healthcare disparities in our healthcare system and will leave over 3 million without healthcare insurance.  SB 770 could also lead to California codifying for-profit health insurance using public funds, potentially endangering billions more taxpayer dollars in over-billing and fraud.

I urge the Governor to veto SB 770 and focus instead on supporting the advancement of the upcoming CalCare bill.

Thank you.

See the collection of tools in our Toolkit to help  win the Peoples’ Fight for Single-Payer Reform!

HC4US Toolkit:

Elected officials’ twitter handles, educational materials and more!

Organizations Opposing SB 770

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
America’s Physician Groups
Asian/Pacific Islanders for CalCare
Association of California Life & Health Insurance Companies
Berkeley Federation of Teachers #1078
Black Lives Matter – Los Angeles
Cal Red Berets
California Agents and Health Insurance Professionals
California Association of Health Plans
California Business Roundtable
California Manufacturers and Technology Association
California Nurses Association
California Nurses for Environmental Health and Justice
California Rise Up
Contemporary Art League

Democratic Socialists of America Los Angeles – Healthcare Justice Committee
Democratic Socialists of America – Santa Barbara

East Valley Indivisibles
Educators for Single-payer
El Dorado Progressives
Fannie Lou Hamer Institute
Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Los Angeles
Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice
Health Care for US
La Defensa
Lindblad Architects
Long Beach Area Peace Network
Medicare Para Todos
Midnight Books
Stand Up California
Topanga Peace Alliance
Trade Show Temps
Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento
White People 4 Black Lives
Yes We Can Democratic Club

Have your representatives put their words into action:  Sign the CalCare Pledge HERE.

Call Assemblymember and Governor Newsom
Why #NoOnSB770?

HC4US joins union nurses in California who champion AB 1690, which sets in motion a single-payer health care coverage system for all residents in the state called CalCare. Another bill, SB 770, would establish a “working group” to advise the Governor in informal conversations with the federal government about waivers to capture federal funds for a unified financing health care system.

SB 770 gives cover to state legislators to claim they are helping single-payer when at best, they would be helping to delay passage of the true single-payer CalCare bill that will be introduced in 2024. At worst, “unified financing” and HMO/ACO loophole language in SB 770 would set the stage for CA to adopt a multi-payer system that would not just preserve but strengthen the insurance industry’s profiteering grip on healthcare in our state. Act NOW to stop SB 770!

TOOLKIT with Contact info, more on why 770 is an anti-CalCare bill here:

There are 5 key reasons why we oppose this bill:
1. SB 770 and CalCare are mutually exclusive and do not complement each other

CalCare would establish a single-payer system in California that eliminates middlemen between patients and doctors. SB 770’s goal is to open loopholes to keep for-profit middlemen in the public financing pipeline. If passed, SB 770 creates a “working group” to have “conversations” that would kill CalCare for this session.

2. Enough delay, it's time to act:

This working group could delay action on CalCare as late as 2028. The millions of Californians without insurance can’t wait

3. We need our elected leaders to show courage, not kick the can down the road:

SB 770 gives legislators a ready-made excuse to not take action on CalCare,
especially if the working group recommends half-measures in lieu of single payer.

4. We don't need any more studies:

The Healthy California for All Commission already had these conversations and even spent millions on an external legal brief on the subject.

5. Informal discussions are futile:

This working group would have no real accountability, and nothing from the discussions would be legally binding. The law is clear: policy legislation like CalCare is required first, and then the process on waivers can take place. 

Analysis of SB 770 by the Assembly Committee on Appropriations
Analysis of SB 770:
"Unified Financing" = Trojan Horse for corporate control:

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