Hi, my name is_____. I am a constituent of_____ and my zip code is_____.

I’m calling because it is unacceptable that we are the only industrialized nation that does not have Universal Health Care. At a time when we are facing the worse economic crisis in US history, and homelessness is exponentially increasing, California is the world’s 4th largest economy and should lead the nation in guaranteeing all residents health care as a human right. The people deserve the same guaranteed health care that the rest of the world receives. We do not deserve to go bankrupt over medical bills. Myself and the majority of Californians (both Republican and Democrat) demand CalCare: the CA universal health care for all act. I want my Sen/Asm _____ to push for, support and vote yes when it is reintroduced. CalCare AB1400 was denied a vote last year but the Cal Nurses will be bringing it back and I want to know my Assemblymember/Senator will be representing his/her constituents and support it.

Thank you for your time and service to the people.